Shimek's Car Tips

Winter...Austin....Rain.....I can't see!!!!  Why didn't I change those wiper blades??  Oh yeah, they are fine when it's not raining, too wet to change them when it is.

TIP:  Take the time to get a new set of blades the next Wal-mart trip & slap those babies on....or let me do it!!   For your safety.....and mine!

With the coming of spring & summer also comes.... vacation time!!! This year more people will be hitting the road in their cars for vacation instead of flying, and while there are many things that should be considered, like tune-ups, hoses & belts, one thing that gets overlooked the most is tire pressure.

This one thing can have a drastic effect on fuel mileage, handling, tire wear, & SAFETY! One of the biggest contributors to SUV rollover accidents is low tire pressure causing blowouts & loss of control.

TIP: Take time to buy a $2.00 pressure gauge at an auto parts store, or even a grocery store, & check that pressure. The pressures for your car are in your owner's manual, sometime on a tag on the glove box door, or inside the driver's side door frame. Or stop by your friendly neighborhood mechanic shop. They should be happy to check your pressures for you.

Many folks call in and say they need a new clutch.  The first question I ask is, "Can you get it into gear or does it shift OK, but slips at high speeds?"

If it won't go into gear, many times the problem is just with the hydraulic system and not the clutch at all.  This means a savings of several hundreds of dollars.

TIP:  Be specific when telling the shop of your problem.  Give as many details as possible. The more info you give saves the shop time and you $$!