MGB Supercharger

This was our first installation of the Moss Motors Supercharger for the MGB.  The kit was complete with all pulleys, brackets, belt, carburetor and supercharger/manifold assembly.

The Weber carb and manifold were removed from the car and, using the existing headers, the unit bolted right into place with minimal modifications. The addition of the serpentine belt and pulleys not only added to the clean look but also ensured there would be no belt slippage under power.

Because of the Texas heat the car would be operating in, a heat shield was installed between the headers and main unit which took a bit of work because of tight clearances.

The car started right up and required only slight adjustments for proper idle.

Driving proved to be a real treat as the added horsepower really improved acceleration and top end power.

Dynamometer and technical info can be found online at various sites but our before and after test drives of 0 to 60 times showed a full 2 second increase with the supercharger!"

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