Electric Bugeye

This car is a beautiful 1960 Austin Healey Sprite that the owner had converted to all electric power. The work was all done by the owner quite well with the exception of figuring out how to get the car to drive down the road with the addition of 350 pounds of batteries! That was left to us to sort out.

The upgrade to heavy duty springs, sway bars, and strategically placement of 100 pounds of weights, balanced the car nicely. Whereas driving the car at any speed over 30mph was a challenge before, now 60-70 mph could be attained with confidence when we were done!

Driving the electric Bugeye, (as they are called in the States; Frogeye across the pond in England) , was a real treat. The electric motor had an amazing amount of torque so acceleration was brisk. The only noise while cruising at 60mph was just the wind in your face. The only thing missing was the throaty growl of a British sports car, but the owner is contemplating adding a recording of a Shelby Cobra to broadcast out of the speakers as he goes thru the gears. Watch Out!


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