1930 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan

1930 Model A Tudor Sedan

This car had not run in over 16 years and was towed in on a flatbed tow truck. The owner has hopes of restoring it and we are in the process of doing just that now.

We worked for a couple days with the fuel system, battery, ignition and brakes and were actually able to get the engine started, running pretty well, and driving for a very short distance! What a thrill!

Now we are starting to dismantle the car to replace sections of the floor, having the fuel tank thoroughly cleaned, replacing misc. rusted parts, repairing brakes completely, and getting the car ready for painting. This is a major project and we will be at it for some time so check back for updates.

UPDATE:  August 2013

The Model A project is finished!  The owner chose to have the body of the car repaired and painted at a shop of his choosing, so we had a delay of about six months waiting for it to be returned to us.  It was finally returned around the first of the year and we began the lengthy process of reassembly.

New bumpers, wiring harness, running boards, window and seals, and even an accessory turn signal kit was added.  We were even able to restore the orignal old AAOOGAH horn to working order!

Then it was off to the upholstery shop for a complete interior.  The seats, door panels, side panels and headliner were all rebuilt from scratch.  The new, custom, tan canvas top was installed over the wood frame roof that I had spent hours refinishing and installing.  This really brought the colors of the car together and, after getting the car back, we attended to a few more details and were finally able to take the car on a long test drive.

It really runs great and it's unique colors make it a real eye-catcher!  If you see it on the road, HONK!

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